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In a nutshell, what is the Senior Home Purchase Program?

SHPP purchases your home directly from you in 'as-is' condition within 30 days or less or according to your timetable. We eliminate the stress and burden of a traditional home sale.

Who is behind the Senior Home Purchase Program?

Westview Real Estate is the company behind the Senior Home Purchase Program. It is a San Diego based real estate investment firm that seeks value-add opportunities.  Westview was one of the trailblazers of the single family home buy and hold strategy following the recent recession.  From 2008-2010, Westview accumulated 36 single family homes and condominiums in San Diego County, successfully re-positioned each asset and sold the entire portfolio in 2014.

Since its inception and throughout each investment opportunity, Westview strongly believes in conducting business with honesty, transparency and integrity.

What led us to create this opportunity for seniors?

We experienced a situation with our grandmother when it was clear she could no longer live alone. It took an all-out effort for all seven of her children, none of whom lived nearby, to help as best they could at the time.

We just knew there had to be a better way to assist seniors and their families through what simply is a very trying experience.

In what locations does SHPP purchase homes?

SHPP is currently purchasing homes throughout most of Southern California, including San Diego County, south Riverside County, Orange County and Los Angeles County.

What types of homes does SHPP purchase?

SHPP will buy homes at nearly all price points but our typical purchase is under $1,000,000. If you are unsure about what your home is worth, contact us for an accurate estimate at no cost to you. See "How does SHPP determine the value of your home?"

What costs are involved for the senior or their family?

There is absolutely no cost to the seller: no commissions, no title and escrow fees and no additional closing costs. In short, no hidden fees.

Are there any exceptions that preclude us from buying the home as-is?

If there are major structural defects that are apparent during the 3rd-party inspection, then we would have to estimate what those repair costs would be. Those material defects are normally apparent on our initial walk through or quickly found and, in fact, are a rarity in most homes that we survey.

Does the senior need to be transitioning into a senior living community to qualify?

The program is intended for seniors transitioning out of their homes for any reason, be it to downsize, move in with other family or move to a senior living community.

How does SHPP determine the value of your home?

SHPP conducts a thorough analysis of your home after walking through and gathering information from you about your home. We then measure your home against nearby comparable sales and derive an SHPP Valuation. This Valuation represents what SHPP believes your home is worth on the open market.

Because SHPP believes in full transparency, we show you a detailed analysis of exactly how we derived your Valuation including the particular comparable sales, the variables used and the $ adjustments made for each variable.

How does the senior get comfortable with SHPP's Valuation?

Every offer includes the SHPP Guarantee, detailed below.

An independent, 3rd party appraisal is performed. The seller may choose any certified appraiser and SHPP pays for this service.  If the appraiser values the home higher than the SHPP Valuation, then the seller can walk from the contract at no cost.

How does SHPP determine the offer price for the senior's home?

SHPP determines an offer price independent of our SHPP Valuation. SHPP uses a preset rate of return that we must make on the sale of your home, as improved, and then backs into the offer price. More often than not, the offer price is higher than what the senior would receive in a traditional sale after selling costs (commissions, closing costs, seller credits, etc).

We do not lowball - our offer price is our best price. Our pricing remains consistent independent of the client's situation - we do not prey upon any financial or time sensitive situations.

What if the appraiser values the home less than the SHPP Valuation?

The seller wins! We honor the contracted offer price.

Once agreed upon, how long will it take for escrow to close?

Typically 20 days is the norm, but no longer than 25 days. If funds from the sale of the home are needed sooner, we will make that option available as well.

What if the senior or the family needs additional time to transition out of their home?

We provide a leaseback option which allows our clients to live in or simply have access to their homes for up to 90 days. SHPP does not start construction on the home until after the lease ends and the senior officially moves out.

If the senior or the family already has a Real Estate agent representing them, does this work within the Program?

Yes, we have a Realtor referral program and we certainly do work with Real Estate Agents.

There are Real Estate agents who offer to buy a home if it fails to sell within the listing period. How does the Program differ?

There is no listing period.  No need to fix your house up, no need to hold open houses, no need to be concerned about a failed escrow.  All of that potential stress is removed with our Program.

What best describes the benefits of the Senior Home Purchase Program?

The fact that this program alleviates stress during a transitional period be it emotional, caused by geographic inconvenience or financial burden. Removal of that stress is the single largest benefit from the service we provide.

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